Active Quiroprática, Orthopedic Chiropractic Clinic
Dr. Christopher Bock

USA reg. Dr of Chiropractic / Chiropractor

serving Lagoa Carvoeiro Portimão Silves Porches Alvor Lagos Monchique Almancil Praia da Rocha, Algarve Portugal

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Our Patients share their Success Stories...

"I had slipped and fallen, and was in so much pain I could barely walk into his clinic. Dr. Bock did his magic and quickly fixed my lower back. It's wonderful to be out of pain! I've been seen by many Chiropractors, but he's the Best!"
Christina Bates

"My lower back and leg had been hurting for months, after I hurt it leaning over and working on my boat for three days straight. I had previously been told that I had a lumbar disc problem, so I was really scared that I had permanently damaged my disc. Dr. Bock did a really good exam, and then gave me some therapy that made my pain go away very fast. Then he gave me some gentle treatment on a special treatment table that was amazing, and my back and leg were 50% better by the next day. I tell all my friends about him."
C., Bristish Airways pilot, retired.

"After 40 years of back trouble and in and out of hospitals, I have the experience to state the following about Dr. Krystov Bock: he is the best Chiropractor I have ever met! (and I have tried a lot!) Chiropractic treatment does not have to be painful with someone with the skill & experience of Dr. Bock, he got me out of pain after years of living with it. Besides my back, my left foot had developed serious Foot Drop, and over the years the nerves in my foot stopped responding completely. I had to drag my foot along, I saw many neurologists & specialists and still I was limping, unable to do any activities or even to garden! I had about given up I must say, but Dr. Bock gave me very good treatment of adjustments, physiotherapy, and special muscle massage. I not only got my foot to move again, but I am now almost walking completely normally.... and can once again drive a car! I can tell you the first time I could make my toes move I was yelling with joy and so was the doctor and his entire staff with me! It was truly like a miracle. It is a true pleasure for me to recommend Dr. Bock and his skills. Best Chiropractor in the Algarve!"

Lennart Lidstrom, Award Winning Playwright & Stage Director, Oslo, Norway
Lennart (R) receiving award

"I herniated my L4 and L5 discs a few years back, and was told by two orthopedic surgeons and a Chiropractor that I needed surgery. Then I met Dr. Bock and he started to work with me. I was hardly able to move and couldn't walk for weeks before meeting and working with Dr. Bock. In the beginning he had me on bed rest using Sound Relief several times a day to control my pain, as well as some gentle back exercises. When I wasn't so inflamed he started to adjust me gently. He checked in on me daily and gave me more attention then any other doctor I have ever had. I really felt he cared about my progress. When I was finally able to walk, he worked with me so I could get the best orthotics. He even helped me with my work station in my office. I highly recommend Dr. Bock. It’s been a few years now and I am doing so well. Thank you Doctor for the amazing treatment I received from you and the kindness you showed me. I can say I am living life much more pain free and no surgery for me after all these years!"
Claudia Paige Claudia Paige
Professional touring musician and market research company owner
San Francisco, CA USA

"My back felt so much lighter. After being treated by Dr. Krystov, I felt a lot taller!"
José S.

"Nobody has ever been able to adjust my neck before. Thank you Dr. K!!"

"I couldn't get out of bed, I have two herniated low back discs with a lot of pain going down my left leg for months. Neurosurgeon said I needed surgery immediately. Instead I came to Active Quiroprática and Dr. Bock looked at everything including my MRI, and then gave me hope with his experience and treatment plan. He immediately put me on a pain relief therapy so I could sleep, and then I started treatment on the flex table to relieve the pressure of my discs in my back. After two days I began walking again. Over the next two weeks my pain diminished and I started feeling human again. Now I have no leg pain, no back pain, and am beginning to start a strengthening program to get my back strong and not have any future problems. Thanks Dr. Krystov!"
Maria Lopez

"After only one treatment for my constant neck pain, I was able to sleep on my back for the first time in 10 years! Can't thank you enough for being in the Algarve!!"

"I had been having strong back and muscle pain for years, and nothing was helping me. I was working out, exercising everyday, going to the gym. I thought maybe I just had to live with it, and it was all due to my age (70). I felt hopeless. Then a friend told me to go see Dr. Bock. He right away saw that my back was too tight, he said I was over-training the muscles. Dr. B put me on a stretching program and began treating my back with a special treatment to help relax my muscles. After 10 days I was amazed at how much better I felt. Now I can do what ever I want, I returned to exercising as much as before, without any problems. I have to admit it, he really helped me a lot!"

"I am a therapist for small children and am either sitting on the floor with them or picking them up all day long. My back has been hurting for over 2 years. I have been told that I have a bad disc in my lower back, and was told that I needed surgery. When I first walked into Active Quiroprática my fiancé had to almost carry me in because my leg pain was so bad I couldn't walk. Dr. Bock did a very in depth examination and asked me more questions than anybody else, he really cared about finding out what was wrong and then explained everything to me, and told me how he would be able to help me. He started me on some physio that took my pain away and then treated me on the Flexion-Distraction Treatment table that was just great! Really helped my back and pain. Now two weeks later I am completely pain-free, I have no back pain, I have no leg pain. I have suffered for over two years. Now I am just so very happy! I even was able to drive up and back to Lisboa! Thanks Doc"
C. C.

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Active Quiroprática, Chiropractic Clinic
Dr. Christopher Bock,
Algarve Chiropractor

serving Lagoa Carvoeiro Portimão Silves Porches Alvor Lagos Monchique Almancil Praia da Rocha, Algarve, Southern Portugal

















































































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