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Why am I not getting better faster...

Last time I hurt ‘this’... ‘it’ got better right away.

I have a friend who had only one adjustment and then was fine.

Last time I injured my (..?), it wasn't so bad?  This time my (...?) is hurting a lot more.  

The internet, or my friend, said....

These are all good questions and reasonable things to ask.  A good Doctor of Chiropractic is able to help you work through ALL your questions, and to help you get well as quickly as possible, PLUS explain what your injury is and what YOUR course of care will be.  Your Chiropractor has many things to consider when examining and treating you.

Several things for you, the patient, to consider....

We are all different. You are not just like the person you know or the person you read about on the internet, nor just like your Uncle Billy, nor are you the same person you were five years ago.  We all have different body strengths, levels of conditioning, and abilities to resist injury in the first place.  Previously, the area you hurt may not be the exact same tissue you have injured this time, even though it appears to be.

Your injury is probably different than last time in the following ways:

1. You may not have injured the exact same tissue, even if it in the same general area.

2. You may not have injured the exact same tissue in the same way. (pulling vs lifting, quick moment vs long term repetitive work)

3. Each successive injury is now injury upon injury; this causes damage in an already weakened area, so the depth of the injury may be more severe this time.

4. You may have injured more than one tissue, such as a muscle, ligament and a joint.

You may come into my office and say, "I injured my back".

What is a "back"? It is a complex combination of many different tissues, layers, areas, and conditions!

So what did you actually injure in your "back"?  Is it a....  

1) muscle
2) ligament
3) tendon 
4) disc 
5) nerve 
6) joint 
7) connective tissue 
8) bone 
9) outer layer of the bone 
10) attachment point your injury also be a combination of any of these tissues.

Did you…
strain it, 
sprain it, 
twist it, 
stretch it, 
tear it, 
pull it, 
compress it, 
over-use it
fracture it?

There may be underlying medical or genetic conditions that are playing into your "injury", such as an anatomical short leg, feet or ankle problems, scoliosis, previous herniated discs, arthritides, infection, kidney stones, neurological disease, surgeries, etc.

Two of the main predictors of how quickly we will get better are:

1) Severity of the Injury.... How badly did "it" get hurt?  This is obvious, the more the tissue is injured, the longer it will take to heal. 

2) Blood Supply... how much blood does the injured tissue naturally have, to get nutrition for healing. This is not so obvious, but just as important as severity of injury.  Muscles heal quickly because they are red, LOTS of blood.  Ligaments and tendons are whitish, very little blood.  A normal muscle injury takes 6-8 days to heal. A sprained ankle ligament 6-8 weeks to heal. Normal blood supply in rough descending order.... Muscles, Bones, Tendons, Ligaments, Nerves, Discs, Cartilage.

A good back specialist must consider all of this in their diagnosis and care recommendations for you. These, and many other factors, are WHY it's impossible to get accurate information about YOUR injury from the internet or to compare YOUR injury to a friend's injury. Your Doctor of Chiropractic knows this and will do a thorough exam and questioning, not just a quick adjustment. If you feel your Chiropractor is not questioning you in depth, figuring it out WITH YOU and/or not listening to you (instead, just rushing you into an adjustment), then you may need to find a different doctor!

These are just some of the many variables that come into play as to what the outcome of our injury will be. 

You just want to get better!  Fortunately, Chiropractors have a lot of experience to guide you through this maze and help you have the very best chance of getting well as quickly as possible.  That is my goal, and what I work very hard towards.

Hope this helps!

Dr. Bock
Active Quiroprática, Portimão
Family Medical Centre, Quinta do Lago 

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