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The Amazing 7-Minute Workout;
Get Fit and Lose Weight (while sleeping?!)

Who of us wouldn’t want “More for Less”, more benefit in less time?

Well the magic has arrived…

Following a careful review of recent sports and exercise physiology studies, researchers have come to the conclusion that a short, but intense, 7-minute workout can provide the same benefits as an hour of standard medium intensity workout! Light to medium intensity work out is what most of us normally would do in a gym or on a bike, a long walk, or exercising at home. This is exercise that we can maintain over a longer period of time, thinking that if we are able to “do more” we’ll “get more” benefit out of our exercise.

High Intensity Circuit Training has turned that common held belief, upside down. By working our muscles to near full capacity (High Intensity) for short bursts of time, quickly moving on to the next exercise (Circuit), our muscles undergo great change. They work very hard, sustaining good exercise-related micro-trauma, that the muscle must then recover from and rebuild itself during the next 72 hours. 

Some of the benefits are:
1) Increased muscle strength and endurance,
2) Building muscle tissue,
3) Training muscles to perform at a high level; and the great benefit of...
4) Body fat loss!  WOW!! How do we lose fat?

Here’s the BIG SECRET….. Building muscle (protien) tissue takes a lot of energy = lots of calories. This building of muscles happens when we SLEEP! Yep, you are losing weight… while you are sleeping.  Amazing.

The 7-Minute Workout is a series of 12 simple exercises, at a speed of 15-20 repetitions for 30 seconds each, with a short 20 second rest in between each exercise. You need no equipment other than your body-weight, a floor, a wall and a chair. This is an exercise program that you can “take with you” anywhere you go, at home or on holiday. 

Is there anything magical about these particular exercises? Not at all. The criteria is that each exercise should involve major muscle groups working out large muscles, which then use large amounts of energy to recover. Meaning legs, chest and arms. No finger exercises here! 

Each exercises should alternate muscle groups, resting one muscle group while exercising another muscle group. 

You can customize this workout to fit your particular needs, fitness and any limitations or injuries you may have. If you are not able to do any one or more of the exercises, simply substitute another exercise that you can do safely. 

It is always best to come in and be evaluated by Dr. Bock prior to beginning an intense exercise program. As an exercise specialist, and former Olympic team doctor, he can help you create an exercise program that is best for you. If you have any previous injuries or weak areas (such as herniated disc, slipped disc, sciatica, lower back pain, sprained ankle, knee problems, trapped nerves, whiplash, neck pain, rotator cuff, tendonitis, bursitis, cartilage, frozen shoulder, etc), Dr. Bock can easily help you eliminate any improper exercise and substitute an exercise that helps avoid re-injury, as well as help strengthen your problem area.

If you are not in shape, or haven’t exercised in awhile, begin slowly, take it easy, and gradually build up in time for each exercise, repetitions of each exercise and intensity of each exercise. For example, a simple push-up, which you haven’t done in years. Better to begin by altering the push-up to a less weight-bearing position, where your body is “relatively” lighter. 

Start by standing, with your feet 1/2 meter from the wall, hands against the wall and then doing your push-ups. Adjust any or all of the exercises to fit your needs. You can begin by doing each exercise for just 10 seconds. You can eliminate certain exercises all together or doing only five or seven or nine, then as you get stronger, perform two complete rounds of the five, or seven exercises. 

On you can find videos which you can follow along, as an exercise “timer”, and have a new exercise partner everyday! 
7 minute workout active quiropratica dr krystov bock

Best Advice: Start slowly, workout at an intensity that is appropriate for your fitness level, workout every other day, you need a day of rest. The REAL gains in any fitness program are from week 4 and beyond, so the first few weeks should be mostly fun and easy. During the first few weeks, at the end of each session you should walk away feeling as if you could do more and are looking forward to your next workout in two days.  If you are very sore or tired, you are doing too much, so ease down a little.

Here in the Algarve there just aren’t that many gyms. The 7-Minute Workout is a great option for many of us, turning our home into our custom workout center.

Before beginning any exercise program it’s best to check with us for advice about which exercises are appropriate for you.

Now get started and have fun!

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